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Seven Hills Foundation

In the heart of 新汉普郡, on a beautiful campus overlooking the Contoocook River Valley, Crotched Mountain School hosts a unique combination of innovative day and residential special education, year-round accessible recreation, 艺术, 音乐, and vocational programming supported by therapeutic supports.

Crotched Mountain School, a Program of Seven Hills 新汉普郡, is a nonprofit  located in Greenfield, 新汉普郡. The campus is home to thousands of acres of trails, 娱乐领域, 一个农场, 池, 保龄球馆, and more—all of which provide an environment in which students feel safe to grow and explore.

Our goal at Crotched Mountain School is to help students succeed in the least restrictive environment possible and we continuously work towards supporting a student in transitioning to his/her respective community. We help our students gain the skills they need to success in the community and to live a life of maximum independence. 

Crotched Mountain School serves students aged 5-21. The residential program operates 365 day a year schedule and the education program operates on a 220-day school year with 6.5 hours of instruction per day. Depending on student needs, residential ratios vary from 1:1 to 2:1 and class sizes can range from 8 to 10 students. The program is approved to serve up to 105 students.

Crotched Mountain School is fully licensed by the 新汉普郡 孩子 Care Licensing Unit (CCLU) as well as the 新汉普郡 Department of 教育. Our program provides the highest quality of clinical services including ABA, Occupational Therapy, 物理治疗, 语言治疗, 咨询, Behavior Management, and Recreational Therapy, woven seamlessly into each student’s day. 

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